Wlbt live weather

Partly sunny and hot with a stray late day storm. Lows in the low to mid 70s, highs in the upper 90s. Lows in the upper 70s, highs in the upper 90s to near Lows in the mid 70s, highs in the mid 90s. Lows in the mid 70s, highs in the lower 90s. An isolated shower or storm is possible. Lows in the low 70s, highs in the upper 80s. Submit a news tip.

First Alert Weather Blog. July 18, at PM. Nick Russo. Copyright WWBT. All rights reserved. Richmond, VA cancel edit. Custom locations. Richmond, VA. Scattered Clouds. Hot and humid. Partly sunny with a few showers and storms during the afternoon and evening. Partly to mostly cloudy with a few scattered showers and storms. Hourly 3 Day 10 Day Weekend. Mostly Clear. S 2 MPH. Mostly Sunny. SW 3 MPH. SW 4 MPH.

SEC honoring fall scholarships to athletes who opt-out of season

SW 5 MPH. Partly Cloudy. SW 6 MPH. S 6 MPH. S 5 MPH. W 6 MPH. Isolated Thunderstorms.Skip to content Connect. Support Local Operation Backpack St.

One killed in deadly wreck in Jackson We will update with more information as it becomes available. John Lewis, lion of civil rights and Congress, dies at 80 John Lewis, who carried the struggle against racial discrimination from Southern battlegrounds of the s to the halls of Congress, has died.

He was Currently in Jackson, MS. Full Forecast. Sponsored By. A look into "maskne" and how you can prevent and treat it. July 17 July Operation Backpack. Published PM at PM. One dead after fatal wreck in Jackson It is reported that only one vehicle was involved in the wreck as it appears the vehicle crashed into a pole. SEC will honor scholarships if student-athletes opt-out of season The Southeastern Conference announced Friday that student-athletes will not be punished if they do not want to compete in sports this fall.

Published AM at AM. Arrest made in Memorial Day weekend road rage murder on Gulf Coast Law enforcement officials will hold a press conference Monday with more information. Coronavirus Outbreak. Autopsies delayed statewide, possibly caused by State Crime Lab employees quitting Coroners statewide are dealing with another setback from the State Crime Lab. Published July 17, at PM.

Reeves responds to White House task force report singling out 52 Miss. Multiple people detained after shooting victim found dead at intersection in Brandon Police say multiple suspects have been detained for questioning after a drive-by shooting left a man dead Friday.

Vicksburg man charged with rape, kidnapping and aggravated assault The year-old will be held in the Issaquena County Jail without bond until he appears in court on July Reeves says risk of not going back to school greater than alternative Cases in the Magnolia State continue to spike, with more than 1, new cases reported again Friday.

Mississippi Weekend. Submit your pics to us HERE. July 14 July WLBT - We are still feeling pretty hot this evening with most areas have heat index values at or above degrees. Still not seeing much activity on the radar this evening, but there is still an opportunity for a couple of isolated showers or storms to form until the sun sets for the day. Overnight, temperatures will cool down to around 74 degrees with mostly clear skies. Get ready for another hot and steamy day tomorrow.

Tomorrow will also be a great day to head to the pool or the Reservoir to cool off from the heat and humidity. We do have a slight chance of a few isolated showers or storms that could develop tomorrow afternoon and evening, but most majority of us are looking to stay pretty hot and dry for your Sunday. Rain chances could potentially creep up during the middle through the end of next week for a better chance of showers and storms.

Skip to content Connect. Support Local Operation Backpack St. July 18, at PM. Peyton Garrison Meteorologist. Copyright WLBT. All rights reserved. Jackson, MS cancel edit. Custom locations. Jackson, MS. Mostly to partly sunny. Few storms possible. Highs in the middle 90s. Feels like: Skip to content Connect. Support Local Operation Backpack St. First Alert Forecast: more July heat, humidity into the weekend ahead July heat and steaminess will continue into the upcoming weekend, while rain chances tend to take a back seat for a few days.

Published July 17, at PM. Thursday Night Weather Forecast Showers and thunderstorms focused on southwest Mississippi will dwindle tonight. Friday will give us another day of partly sunny skies with scattered showers in the afternoon and evening. Highs in the lower 90s. This weekend will be partly to mostly sunny and only a slight chance for a shower or. Published July 16, at PM. First Alert Forecast: Hot, muggy weekend ahead! Hot, sticky July weather continues; rain chance remain Thursday - fading into the upcoming weekend.

Wednesday Night Weather Forecast We hit 95 degrees today, but the humidity was just slightly lower than yesterday, which gave us a heat index or feels like temperature of Expect a little more humidity to work it's way into the picture over the coming days and there will be a slightly better chance for showers and thunderstorm. Published July 15, at PM. First Alert Forecast: Hot, muggy, stormy at times Summer heat, humidity continue to plague the forecast today; summer storms could mix in at times.

Tuesday Night Weather Forecast Thunderstorms are popping up across the area, but will die off this evening before midnight. It was a little more humid today with the same exact high temperature as yesterday. We reached 96 degrees in the shade, but the heat index was degrees.

It reached degrees yesterday for the heat in. Published July 14, at PM. Peyton's Saturday Evening Forecast. Peyton's Saturday Morning Forecast.

Rachel's Friday Afternoon Forecast. Rachel's Thursday Afternoon Forecast. First Alert Forecast: steamy July weather continues into weekend. Rachel's Wednesday Afternoon Forecast. Continued Coverage. A heat advisory is in effect for the dangerous weather. It might be needed again Wednesday. Dangerous heat and humidity will present across the area.

Expect highs in the middle and upper 90s for the rest of the week. The heat index will be over degrees Tuesday. Published July 13, at PM. First Alert Forecast: summer heat wave to continue this week Sizzling summer heat wave persists over central Mississippi through the week ahead. Highs tomorrow will warm to near 95 with heat index values up to Published July 12, at PM.As we get closer to the possibility of severe weather moving into the region - this is a good time to make sure your alerts are turned on your phone.

wlbt live weather

For the b If you have a fixed location, you will only get warnings for that specific location. Heading out to the pool today will definitely be the move! We could see a few isolated showers or storms later on today, but most spots will stay dry. Have a great day everyone! Summer downpours for a few to knock down the dust in Metro Jackson today - expect rain chances to, generally, be the exception to a mainly dry rule for the weekend.

I know my post earlier today talked about not seeing many scenes like Dooley the Bull, rainbows and lightning this weekend. Well, no bull in downtown Jackson, but rainbows and lightning - we got some of that to round out Friday.

Don't expect many scenes like this during the weekend ahead as rain chances take a backseat to July heat and humidity. Heavy rain, gusty winds, frequent lightning all expected as these storms continue to move SW through our area! WOW - when it comes to sunsets, Summer remains unmatched.

Interactive Radar

The decaying storms, east of the Reservoir, being lit by the setting sun Wednesday evening. More view Look northwest just above the horizon. Let's hope clouds don't get in the way.

wlbt live weather

That about covers it. What to expect: wlbt. Alert Day Forecast: wlbt. Rain chances will remain isolated in nature this week and temperatures remain high as our heat wave continues.

Details: wlbt. This one, was about 40 miles south of Jackson last night. Summer thunderstorm peeking from behind the towering Jackson skyline on a Sunday evening. Good morning everyone! Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings are issued today for the likelihood of dangerous heat and humidity.

Highs today will warm to the mid 90's, but heat indices will climb to around degrees. Take it easy outdoors and stay hydrated! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help.

Forecast: Dangerously hot Sunday through Tuesday

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First Alert Forecast: Hot & steamy weather remains for Sunday

Janne Patterson Swearengen. A quick tutorial on how to turn on the alerts function on the First Alert Weather app See more. Which one won the contest?

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wlbt live weather

To express the (statistical) odds against, the order of the pair is reversed.

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